I believe we could do better to be in relationship with the Holy Spirit. We are very cognizant of the Father who creates and Jesus who lived his earthly life. The Holy Spirit at times has been sorely underestimated and often people are cautious about even conversing about the third person of the Trinity. Ever year at Pentecost the topic of the Holy Spirit cannot be avoided. Jesus continuously tells his closest disciples that he will not abandon them. The Advocate, the Holy Spirit will always be present to them.

When we read about the Ascension of Jesus last weekend and heard the stories from the Acts of The Apostles, the followers of Jesus did not even flinch. They went out and spread the Good News. The Church had its beginnings and many brave and courageous individuals went about confidently sharing the life and story of Jesus Christ. It was as if nothing had changed, yet Jesus is no longer physically present to his friends, or is he?  The Advocate Jesus talked of before his Ascension to his Father is very much present to the Apostles. The presence of Jesus’ Spirit, the Advocate, filled his disciples to proclaim and to live out the meaning of being a member of God’s Kingdom.

Can you imagine if we all had the kind of confidence the earliest of Jesus’ followers displayed? The world would not be about all “My” needs, but about noticing what “Others” need. The Spirit is sensitive to bringing the presence of God to others. The Spirit also helps us stand our ground when our faith is threatened. The Spirit of God also challenges us to no end when people can question or try to stir our hearts to doubt. The same Advocate who provided for the disciples is the same Holy Spirit that is alive and well today. For us to know the Advocate leads us to be in relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Pentecost takes place and the Spirit of God the Father, and that of Jesus, his Son offers what the disciples need – a sense of peace. This moment of Pentecost is powerful because it gives us the humbling knowledge that Jesus has not abandoned us. The Kingdom of God is at hand and will be till the end of the ages. In the meantime, the Holy Spirit that many avoid today, is the source, catalyst, means of making the presence of God real today. The more we delve into the person of the Holy Spirit the more that is revealed to us of God.

This week twenty-five youth and parents will be traveling to Logan, West Virginia for a Mission Trip. This is in the heart of Appalachia. The adults and teens will encounter many good people when in Logan to provide for their local needs. These are the kind of experiences that can have a lasting effect. Pray for them throughout the week that their efforts will help those whom they encounter. At the same time, that they can learn more about the realities of life through the people they meet.

Join us for a five-session series entitled, “Let’s Talk About Prayer.” This five-part series begins Wednesday, June 19th in Hanson Hall from 7PM8:30PM. All are invited to attend this session or any of the following Wednesday evenings. Our hope is to explore: why make prayer a part of your life, the tradition of prayer in the Church, types and ways to pray, and the example of saints and prayer. I hope you can join us for one or several of these evenings.

Our Lady’s Guild is hosting their annual dinner on Thursday, June 13th at Tuscan in Wickliffe. You can sign up in the Gathering Area or in the Parish Office.

Our Parish Life Committee is hosting a night at M Cellars Winery on Friday, June 28th. You can sign up in the Gathering Area or in the Parish Office.

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) will begin in September. Any adult who is interested in becoming Catholic can call the Parish Office or let one of the priests or deacons know after Mass of your interest. We begin to pray for people coming forward and our RCIA team is always ready to working with you through the next school year until the Easter Vigil and beyond.

I hope you continue to nourish your Spirit with daily pray and worship on Sunday. We cannot do this life given to us by God by ourselves. Join us and let our community lift you up! Have a great week!

Father Dave