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This Week's Message from 

Father Dave...

Here is a case where if we could only experience the Transfiguration like the three friends of Jesus, our faith would be held intact. Of course that just might be an overstatement! The Transfiguration event gives us just a glimpse of a moment; however, its impact is clear. The friends of Jesus who see His dazzling display want this moment to last but Jesus is quick to remind them of life below the mountain where the rigors of everyday living await them. This moment on the mountain will always be imprinted on their spiritual memory. They were a part of an extraordinary event with Jesus and it will help solidify their attitude of awe towards Him.

This particular event is certainly in contrast with the events of Good Friday. How quickly the friends of Jesus disperse once He is arrested and taken away for judgment. His brutal death on the Cross makes the Transfiguration seem miles away; however, the moments on the Cross and His excruciating death bring to mind that He is embracing this moment on behalf of the entire world and for all time. His sacrifice will mark the beginning of looking at this kind of death in a new way. It marks that returning violence for violence is pointless in the Kingdom of God and invites those who follow the way of the Cross to discover a new way of relating to one another.

Going down the mountain from the Transfiguration would call to mind that the Cross is not the last word!! Something far greater will stir the awe in every human heart and is beyond the hurts inflicted upon those who follow Christ. The empty tomb tells us that new life that goes through the violence of the Cross cannot be contained in this world. The friends of Jesus had to come down the mountain because the full impact of the Resurrection could only be felt through the Cross of Good Friday. 

                                                    Father Dave


St. Patrick's Day Dinner
Saturday, March 14th
at 6 PM in Hanson Hall
Hosted by Holy Name Society
To Benefit our St. Vincent de Paul Society
Dinner includes:
Corned Beef & Cabbage, Carrots, Colcannon, Pasta,
Salad, Rolls & Butter and Dessert
All for only $12 per person!

Tickets are available in the Gathering Area
after all Masses and in the Parish Office
Opportunities for the
Sacrament of
Diocesan Day of Penance
Wednesday, March 4th from 5 to 8 PM
Confessions available in the church
Communal Penance Service
Wednesday, March 11th at 7 PM

February 2015


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on Mondays

Soup & Bread Dinner
at 6:30 PM
Presentations at 7 PM

March 2nd...
Wayne Simsic
"Opening the Eyes
of the Heart, Discovering
a Spiritual Vision"
and "Finding the Sacred
in Everything"
(The first session was cancelled due to inclement weather.
Both sessions are combined this week.)

March 9th...
Becky Harper
"The Meaning, Importance & Work of Music at Liturgy"

 March 16th...
Father Dave
"Symbol & Religious Imagination
Help Us Pray the Mass"

March 6th
at 7 PM
Please pray
for those receiving
this special sacrament!