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This Week's Message from
Father Dave...

You have to be careful when Jesus begins to walk toward Jerusalem! His message has been given and received and now His own words direct Him to respond through His actions. He is the Christ, the Son of the living God. From now on in Matthew’s Gospel we will see what that means. As disciples of the Lord we are to watch, observe and learn what this will mean for us. As the Son
of the living God, Jesus’ call to His disciples will inc
lude sacrifice, the cross and total trust in Him!


In our world of deals and transactions, this does not sound like something we would want to entertain. It certainly goes against the grain of our secular society. If you give up something should you not receive something in return? The world has a way of seducing us into thinking that this is the correct way. On the other hand, Jesus never offers happiness but rather an indescribable relationship with His Father in heaven. If we watch, observe and learn from Christ we will find out just how blessed our lives can be.


The crux of this Gospel will lead us on the way to Jerusalem to the ultimate sacrifice, and eventually to an incredible new life. When we try to integrate this story into our hearts, we find this is exactly what our soul has been longing for. All that we do for others will connect us to the cross and when we go out of our way for one another, we will find ourselves one with the heart of Christ. We follow Jesus by denying ourselves and taking up His cross daily.



       Father Dave


March 2013


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Youth Ministry
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Sunday, September 14th at 6 PM in Hanson Hall

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