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This Week's Message from
Father Dave...

Priesthood is the most challenging lifestyle one can choose! I say this knowing that I am not trying to run a billion dollar corporation, trying to discover a cure for a terminal illness, trying to solve the problems in the Middle East or Africa, or trying to invent something that would solve problems quickly and therefore make our lives move even faster and more expediently. I am totally convinced that priesthood is really about being placed in good and bad moments... sickness and healing moments... and listening moments that help to hold people together during the fragile time periods of their lives. I know that in some ways the priesthood does have a job description but in other ways, it is just ministry coming at you everyday, and often in the most unexpected of ways!

 Priesthood is about sitting in a hospital with a family watching their loved one pass away. It is meeting with an engaged couple who are diligently preparing for their wedding day and the realities of married life. It is having your sleep interrupted in order to anoint someone who is dying. It is being a consoling voice to the contrite in the confessional. It is supporting YFF teachers in their challenges as they convey the faith to children. It is offering advice to those troubled by doubt, helping people through the unexpected events in their lives, or listening to someone who desires to make some changes in the way they live. Priesthood is about preaching the Word and hopefully inspiring those who are gathered to listen. It is about baptizing infants or adults into the Faith. Priesthood is living a life of prayer with the all too familiar cycle of Christ’s life that we call the Liturgical Year. Priesthood is about a desire to live a saintly life, but knowing about our pitfalls, failures and personal sins that come along our way. Priesthood is about being a “wounded healer.” As  priests we probably should not attempt to live up to the high expectations placed on us by our people or  ourselves. A vocation to the priesthood calls us to be totally receptive to Christ in our daily lives and then be a conduit of His presence to others. The less it is about ourselves as priests, the more we will be able to allow Christ to work through us. He is the reason for who we are. It is His priesthood and we just happen to be the ones chosen to live as one of His own.

 This weekend we celebrate Priesthood Sunday. In no way do I like attention being brought to myself, yet the beauty of the priesthood is the unbelievable challenges that we face along the way. This is what makes this vocation exciting, joyful and “powerful.” Each day there is the possibility of making an impact on others through our words or actions. The excitement of bringing Jesus Christ to someone who needs Him never stops. Most people say that now more than ever  we need to have Jesus in the life of the world. The overriding emotion that is packed into Jesus’ words is  joy. Joy does not imply that Jesus will keep us on top of our emotions or make sure our adrenalin is pumping at full speed through our veins. Rather, the joy that Jesus offers us is to know that we are loved by God unconditionally. To follow Jesus is to understand how to be receptive to God’s loving presence and then to intentionally offer Him to others. There is no more “powerful” relationship than the one we have with God. The power priests receive from God is not overconfidence but rather a consistent call that allows our hearts to be humbled by what we are doing.

 I am not sure why so many young men stay away from a call to the priesthood. For me it has been a life filled in stunned awe of the faith in others, and at times wondering why I was chosen or could have accepted such a noble calling. Perhaps some stay away because of the stigma associated with faith and religion. Another reason might be that the commitment is difficult however, good will never happen without effort. Maybe some have shied away because of the priest scandals and the thinking that priests take advantage of their position and make it a place of privilege and not of service. Even though I wish the scandals had never occurred, unfortunately they will always be there. As priests we need to continue to do our part and accept responsibility for the results. When trust is broken in an institution of any kind, but especially the priesthood, it will be a long hard journey before that trust will be recaptured. Every morning I pray that as I continue to try and trust God more in my life that the people of God will in turn trust their priests.

 Some people see celibacy as a life sentence of loneliness and solitary confinement. I believe it is just the opposite, but it is certainly a part of the challenge. Priesthood is entirely and essentially about our relationships. It is what gives meaning to what we do… it helps us build a foundation and gives us the energy to serve. Solid relationships with God, family and friends makes us who we are. The intimacy we do not experience with a wife has to be integrated everyday into healthy, faith-filled activities and reflections. I am convinced that in the quiet moments of prayer God touches the hearts of His priests, offering us words we never thought could be spoken. These words will then inspire us to act in ways we never expected, helping to bring people closer to the Lord. These are truly humbling and awe-filled moments when I realize that not only is God using me for His purposes, but also the way in which He has decided to use me. I am sure that the early Apostles and disciples had some of these same types of experiences.  

 Maybe the reason we have fewer priests now more than ever is simply because of the arduous and difficult tasks that are involved in this vocation. I recently had a conversation with a  mother who was in tears at the thought her son might become a priest. Her son is many years away from ordination and could have, quite possibly, pursued many other different fields. His choice of the seminary life is coupled by his parents uncertainty. His mother’s words were always the same, “priests have to live a very difficult life!” In some ways I agree with her statement. However, I try to remember the words of a fellow priest that I have often looked to for what to say in this type of situation, “There is no greater life.  It does not always bring a sense of happiness, but it always delivers fulfillment and satisfaction.” I could not agree more with his assessment.  Fulfillment comes from the incredible idea that God would use me as His priest to help build a little of His Kingdom here on earth. Satisfaction comes about, when even in the worst of times, God is always here and never abandons me. Priesthood is a great gift and I am humbled to be a priest and pastor serving at Divine Word for the last ten years! I pray for all of you every day!!

           Please take some time to pray for all the priests that serve our Church!  

                                                 Father Dave


35th Annual Reverse Raffle
Saturday, November 15th from 6 PM til Midnight
At the Banquet Center at St. Noel in Willoughby Hills

Over $10,000 in Prize Money              $4,000 Main Board Grand Prize
$2,000 Annual Scholarship Board Prize
$2,000 + Sideboard Prizes       $2,000 Special Raffles/Prizes

               There are Many Ways to Participate!
$20... 1 Scholarship Board
$35... 1 Dinner & NO Main Board
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$60... 1 Main Board & NO Dinners
$70... 2 Dinners & NO Main Board
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$90... 2 Dinners & NO Main Board & 1 Scholarship Board
$105... 1 Main Board & 1 Dinner & 1 Scholarship Board
$120... 1 Main Board & 2 Dinners
$140... 1 Main Board & 2 Dinners & 1 Scholarship Board

For Tickets Please Contact
John Grazia... 440-256-0338          Ken Marvar... 440-479-4708
Gloria Ianetta... 440-256-9817       Olivia Ockuly... 440-256-1774
Stan Krulc... 440-256-3141             Mark Potosky... 440-256-9968
Dan Laux... 440-256-2699              Mike Potosky... 440-256-1338
John Lesnick... 440-256-2699       Parish Office... 440-256-1412

This is a great way to support the tradition of Catholic Education at Divine Word and to share your faith with others
while enjoying a wonderful evening with friends... new and old!!

March 2014


To view please click here 

We Need Your Help!!

Reverse Raffle is looking for "spirit" such as
assorted wines,
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Our table could also use corkscrews, flasks,
wine glass jewelry and glassware, including beer mugs, wine goblets, margarita glasses, etc.

Be creative and
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To All Who Have Lost a Loved One During the Past Year...

A Special
All Souls Mass

Monday, November 5th at 7 PM
Followed by a reception in Hanson Hall

We invite all families who have lost 
a loved one during the past year 
to attend a special liturgy. 
Even if your loved one was buried from another parish or church we will be honored to remember them. 

Please submit a picture
 (snapshot size if possible)
of your loved one that can be mounted on a poster to be displayed during the month of November, especially for the Feast of All Saints...to celebrate the "Saints" from our parish.

Contact the Parish Office with a count of how many from your family will be attending and send in a picture by October 27th.

Questions? Call at 440-256-1412