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View from The Caddyshack!

This Sunday marks the beginning of “Ordinary Time.” That title may seem lackluster after the joy of the Christmas season and all its feasts but the word, properly understood, can help us grasp the intention of this liturgical season. This is the time in the Church’s calendar that orients us or “orders” us to our mission. Ordinary time helps us to organize our thoughts, intentions and commitments toward the work Christ gives to us. Isaiah says it clearly, “I will make you a light to the nations, that my salvation may reach to the ends of the earth.”

“Behold the Lamb of God… who takes away the sins of the world.” (John 1: 29-34) The distinctiveness of John’s Gospel with regard to the Synoptics has long been established. Not only is it true that some 75% of John’s material finds no equivalent in the first three Gospels, but in the 25% where John shares some common elements with them, his special touch and perspective remain easily recognizable.

For instance, here in this brief passage on Jesus’ baptism by John the Baptist, the differences are of great significance. First of all, it is John the Evangelist who insists most on John the Baptist’s protest against Jesus coming to be baptized by him. He is the only one to have John the Baptist set a clear distinction between the kind of baptism he is practicing (“in water”) and the one Jesus will provide (“in the Holy Spirit”). Jesus shows He recognizes the value of John’s baptism through His willingness to be baptized by John. At the same time John points toward a new kind of baptism that will be inaugurated by Jesus.

Second, John the Evangelist sees in Jesus’ forerunner that he is more than a prophet. John the Baptist is to be seen as a witness and the one who testifies to Christ. Therein lies the emphasis of the Evangelist in his indirect recounting of Jesus’ baptism, and the testimony given by John to the priests and Levites who were sent by the Pharisees. John, the “witness,” had been fulfilling this role beautifully in his previous answers to these envoys of the Jews but now his testimony reaches its climax as Jesus makes His first public appearance in the Gospel.

Third, and most importantly of all, Jesus’ baptism is not so much a purification ritual as it is a manifestation of Jesus’ true identity to Israel. In just six verses, John the “Witness” successfully testifies to Christ as the Lamb of God and the Son of God as well as someone who existed and ranks before him and who is vested with the Holy Spirit. The emphasis is not on ritual but on the true meaning of who Jesus Christ really is.

- Father Jim

Holy Name Breakfast
(without St. Nick!)

Rescheduled date due to inclement weather  

   Sunday, January 15th
                   9 AM to 1 PM in Hanson Hall
Pancakes smothered in warm syrup & sausage 
                             milk, juice and coffee              
                     Take out orders are available!

                Adults... $5    Children 4 to 12... $2   
                                    Under 4... FREE

Divine Word Cookbooks
are Here!

Plan to purchase yours at the Parish Office
for only $12 each.


Have a Heart and Lend a
Helping Hand!

Saturday, February 4th at the Kirtland Community Center Gym

The whole family is welcome
(from Grandparents to Grandchildren) to help package 10,000 dried meals for Burkina Faso, Africa.
This event is a part of our "Four for Forty" program
is  organized through Catholic Relief Services. Donations and volunteer registration
can be done online at http://helpinghands.crs.org/events/divine/

Contact Rosemary at 440-289-5907 or
stop at the Fair Trade Table before and after
all the Masses in January for more details.

This is a great opportunity for youth


Parish Life Commission

Steele Mansion Historic Inn

Saturday, February 11th at 6:30 PM
Dinner & Personal Guided Tour

Please contact the Parish Office for reservations.


2nd Grade Events

Thursday, January 12th...
Sacramental in church & Hanson Hall
for Parents and students

Sunday, January 15th at 11 AM Mass...
Rite of Enrollment

Saturday, January 21st at 3 PM...
First Reconciliation

 Latest Message from Father Dave

       Hello Everyone and Merry Christmas!

It has now been over two months since I left on my medical leave and I have certainly found comfort in being at the priest rectory here at St. Brendan’s in North Olmsted. I recently completed my third round of chemotherapy, marking the half-way point in my treatment. There will be treatments in mid January, February and March and then from that point on, if all my blood work stays at the right levels, I can begin planning my return back to Divine Word for sometime in April. I am praying for that to happen as I sincerely miss my ministry and all of you at Divine Word! There is one thing though I am convinced of... God has been so good to me during my illness and treatment; however, I still have a long way to go for a full recovery.

I will continue to keep all of you in my prayers, especially as I quietly celebrate Christmas Mass. I know many people love this time of year, and why not, as our families gather to share life together. I hope and pray that all will be well for your family and friends during this most festive time. This year especially, I am reminded more than ever that Christmas can be a time of great difficulty for many people. The loss of a loved one, a family member in the military overseas, someone in the family who is suffering from cancer or some other difficult illnesses, or a family member who is simply not present because of distance… these are all situations that alter our celebrations. Please pray for these families and ask the Lord to give them the strength they need during these holy days.

Finally, just a note of thanks for all the cards, food, gifts, prayers, Masses, Rosaries, emails, texts, thoughts and support! There is absolutely no way I can ever begin to repay you for everything you have done for me and God has given me strength through your supportive prayers and words. As I continue my treatments throughout these next few months please know that I am grateful for everything you do to help keep my spirits up and alive. May the good Lord touch each of you during this holy season of Christmas and bless your family throughout the New Year ahead!

                                                             Father Dave

P.S. Many of you continue to ask how to contact me. The following is the parish address where I can be reached as well as my email address.

          Father David Woost
        c/o St. Brendan’s Catholic Church
        4242 Brendan Lane North Olmsted, Ohio 44070 


December 2016


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 PSR Registration Now Open!

Registration Form
Class Schedules

Completed forms
may be mailed, put in the collection basket or
dropped off
at the Parish Office.

Right to Life

Lake County Annual Winter
Life Event

January 15th
at 2 PM

St. Mary of the Assumption's School Gym in Mentor


There's No
Holiday Vacation from Hunger!

Serve a nourishing Sunday noon meal
at St. Philip Neri

Sign up
in the Gathering Area
or for more details please call Debbie
at 440-256-1412

 Can You Spare
Four Hours Once
a Week?

Joseph House needs more "Helping Hands"
to assist people
at the Clothing Bank!
Join the carpool
and volunteer your time on Wednesday or Friday from 10 AM to 2 PM. Please call Joan
at 440-256-2699 or

Call today... Sign up
to help... You will be glad you did!!


Pre Cana Day

Saturday, February 18th


Let’s Storm Heaven
with Our Prayer!

Join us after
the Saturday 5 PM or Sunday 8:30 or 11 AM liturgies to pray
the Rosary
for Father Dave
and all the sick and suffering in our parish.
Even if you don’t pray
the Rosary
or don’t know how,
please consider coming.
It will only take
15 or 20 minutes
of your time and
it can really
make a difference! Remember
Father Dave’s words, “Together we will remain Divine Word strong!”

Rosary directions are available and if you don’t have a Rosary
it’s ok to use your fingers
for counting!