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This Week's Message from
Father Dave...

Every once in while we, as a Church, commemorate All Souls Day on a Sunday. When we do, it can create a mix of feelings. This weekend we are not singing the Gloria at Mass but the prayers we say will speak, not so much about death but rather about new life in heaven. All Souls is that one day of the year set aside to remember our beloved dead. In some way, we have all been shaped and formed by those who have gone before us. This is our time to remember them and use everything they have given us to continue in the daily challenge of living.

 This day is not meant to evoke a morbid sense of the past, but rather to brighten our hearts and souls to the reality of those now sharing in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. At 7 PM this Monday we will have a liturgy specifically for the families of those who have died over the past year. This is one of those liturgies that is both necessary and difficult, and yet gratifying at the same time. We need to respond to those who have lost a loved one. In our humanity, letting go of those who have died and continuing to live our own life is a very difficult task. Loss of a loved one is always hard on us no matter how prepared we think we areā€¦ we are never prepared enough for any significant loss in life. That is the difficulty we are trying to ease with this liturgical celebration. Finally, this liturgy is gratifying because we bring people together at one of the most difficult times in their life to offer them the consolation of our prayers and presence. All Souls is an unassuming and yet powerful celebration!

 You may have noticed the wall of pictures in the Gathering Area. This is another of the ways we have of remembering those who have died this past year and putting a face with a name.  I hope you have a chance to look at these pictures and then offer a prayer and thought on their behalf. It is no coincidence that the day before All Souls is the Feast of All Saints. I believe that the Church, in its wisdom, connects these two days because we are all called to live like saints. I would be the first one to say that I have much to learn and strive for in terms of a saintly life. As we gather this weekend on All Souls Day, we remember all the deceased, including the saints, and all that they have left us. I hope your loved ones are remembered and that they will inspire you to live life to the fullest.

                                                   Father Dave


35th Annual Reverse Raffle
Saturday, November 15th from 6 PM til Midnight
At the Banquet Center at St. Noel in Willoughby Hills

Over $10,000 in Prize Money              $4,000 Main Board Grand Prize
$2,000 Annual Scholarship Board Prize
$2,000 + Sideboard Prizes       $2,000 Special Raffles/Prizes

               There are Many Ways to Participate!
$20... 1 Scholarship Board
$35... 1 Dinner & NO Main Board
$55... 1 Dinner & 1 Scholarship Board
$60... 1 Main Board & NO Dinners
$70... 2 Dinners & NO Main Board
$80... 1 Main Board & NO Dinner & 1 Scholarship Board
$85... 1 Main Board & 1 Dinner
$90... 2 Dinners & NO Main Board & 1 Scholarship Board
$105... 1 Main Board & 1 Dinner & 1 Scholarship Board
$120... 1 Main Board & 2 Dinners
$140... 1 Main Board & 2 Dinners & 1 Scholarship Board

For Tickets Please Contact
John Grazia... 440-256-0338          Ken Marvar... 440-479-4708
Gloria Ianetta... 440-256-9817       Olivia Ockuly... 440-256-1774
Stan Krulc... 440-256-3141             Mark Potosky... 440-256-9968
Dan Laux... 440-256-2699              Mike Potosky... 440-256-1338
John Lesnick... 440-256-2699       Parish Office... 440-256-1412

This is a great way to support the tradition of Catholic Education at Divine Word and to share your faith with others
while enjoying a wonderful evening with friends... new and old!!

March 2014


To view please click here 

We Need Your Help!!

Reverse Raffle is looking for "spirit" such as
assorted wines,
liquors &

Our table could also use corkscrews, flasks,
wine glass jewelry and glassware, including beer mugs, wine goblets, margarita glasses, etc.

Be creative and
put together a
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Contact Olivia at 440-256-1774 or odieo5318@yahoo.com about your donations.

To All Who Have Lost a Loved One During the Past Year...

A Special
All Souls Mass

Monday, November 5th at 7 PM
Followed by a reception in Hanson Hall

We invite all families who have lost 
a loved one during the past year 
to attend a special liturgy. 
Even if your loved one was buried from another parish or church we will be honored to remember them. 

Please submit a picture
 (snapshot size if possible)
of your loved one that can be mounted on a poster to be displayed during the month of November, especially for the Feast of All Saints...to celebrate the "Saints" from our parish.

Contact the Parish Office with a count of how many from your family will be attending and send in a picture by October 27th.

Questions? Call at 440-256-1412