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This Week's Message from 

Father Dave...

The last few days of Advent will quickly run by and the solemn feast of Christmas will come and go in the blink of an eye. Yet our preparation is not in vain. We continue to allow God to recreate in us and the world the “Good News” we have to offer as Christian believers. This is one feast where many have tried to place in writing its eternal significance. Hear the words of some of our early Church leaders who tried to grasp the importance of Christmas.

The Lord of all comes as a slave amidst poverty. The huntsman has no wish to startle his prey. Choosing His birthplace, an unknown village in a remote province, He is born of a poor maiden and accepts all that poverty implies, for He helps by stealth to ensnare and save us.”                      - Theodotus of Ancyra (2nd century)

Jesus Christ was born not into any type of worldly, political, social or even religious status. His coming into the world sends a clear message. His flourishing will come from the margins of society and to be in communion with all in need.

“Today in the city of David, the Savior of the world is born for us, He is Christ the Lord. That city is Bethlehem. We must run there as the shepherds did when they heard these tidings, and so put into action the words we traditionally sing in this season: They sang of God’s glory, they hastened to Bethlehem.”

                                                                                                          - St. Aelred (d. 1167)

The place of His birth is noteworthy. An out of the way place not recognized by many. Jesus’ birth is humble and simple. And these words call us to run to this humble village. It is a call to seek God in the simplest of ways. The command to make a straight path to Him. The conversion of hearts that challenges us to push to the side all that keeps us from Him.

God is on earth, God is among us, not now as a lawgiver - there is no fire, trumpet blast, smoked wreathed mountain, dense cloud, or storm to terrify whoever hears Him - but as one gently and kindly conversing in a human body with His fellow men and women. God is in the flesh. Now He is not acting intermittently as He did through the prophets. He is bringing to Himself the whole human race, which He has taken possession of and united to Himself. By His flesh He has made the human race His own kin.”                                               - St. Basil the Great (d. 379)

It is the greatest of wonders. God becoming like us in all things but sin. He claims us in the most intimate way by His coming to the earth in human flesh. Our response can only be to allow this moment to touch us. Our preparation for Christmas Day is to allow Christ into our lives.

Many centuries later these words still hold meaning. Whether it is the condition in which He was born, the place where He gave birth, or His taking on human flesh, these all lead us to a greater sense of belief and faith. Having Jesus Christ in our lives makes all the difference. I pray that your preparation leads you to all God has to offer in His eternal Son.

I certainly hope that all of you have a great day on Christmas. Remember that the reason for all we do on this day is because of Jesus Christ. Please pray for all those who are struggling at this time of year and keep in your thoughts all those who are overseas serving our country and will not be with their families for Christmas. Most of all pray for those who struggle in their faith. Our prayers do make a difference!

Have blessed times this Christmas season!!
                                                     Father Dave


Confession Times
Saturday, December 20th from 3 to 4:45 PM

Sunday, December 21st after
the 8:30 & 11 AM Masses

Monday, December 22nd
from 9 to 10 AM & 7 to 8 PM

Tuesday, December 23rd from 9 to 10 AM

If you cannot make any of these times,
please call the Parish Office at 440-256-1412
to set up a time for confession

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Christmas Mass Schedule

Christmas Eve, December 24th

TWO Masses at 4 PM (church & Hanson Hall)
7 PM and 10 PM

Christmas Day, December 25th

8:30 & 11 AM

Holy Name Society Winter Party

Monday, January 5th
at 6 PM in Hanson Hall

Lots of food and refreshments as well as our 9th annual Texas Hold-em Tournament!

Lots of fun... a great chance to meet other men in our parish at NO cost... come and have a great time!!

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