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One of the more interesting aspects of Jesus’ life happens when others try to figure out just who He is. They have their own sense of who He should be, how He should be, and what He should do. However, Jesus will always have the last word to say. The people of His own hometown and everyone down through the ages have tried to completely identify who He is with the result that every time someone tries to define Him, He eludes their description! Jesus is always a little more than how we are able explain Him.

This is what we do know… Jesus is the Son of God… He is a part of the Trinity… He came to earth for the sake of all of God’s creation. The terms we use are universal but we can never completely pigeon-hole Jesus because He is more than all of our words. He is an utter mystery! He invites us into Himself to be a part of the mystery as well as to discover that mystery. Those who know Jesus best are the same people who are the worst at figuring out that He is more than they can understand!

It almost seems that their expectations of Jesus are minimal and this blocks their ability to see in faith just who He really is. They actually take offense at all the good Jesus is doing in His native place. His teachings, wisdom, mighty deeds and healings do not offer them any consolation and they view Him as nothing more than a mere resident of their town. They probably were thinking that they watched this child grow up and they know what is best for Him. Very quickly Jesus realizes their limited expectations and lack of faith narrow the chances of what He can accomplish there, so He moves on to the next town.

Here is the crux of this week’s Gospel... God never imposes salvation on us. He pursues us as a gentle shepherd follows his stray sheep, wanting them back in the fold. He calls us by name and waits for our response. He does not grab us and throw us back into the fold. Instead He waits for us to respond but His pursuit of us is
relentless! He had so much to offer the people of Nazareth but they would not allow their eyes of faith to be opened resulting in their inability to recognize Jesus for who He really is. Often we too refuse to allow the Good Shepherd to pick us up or to see Christ in our lives. Here is to opening wide the eyes of faith and allowing Jesus to enter our lives as the person He really is… the Son of God!!! Faith is a great gift to have! When it is properly used, it can assist us to realize the many ways God reveals Himself to us. Eyes of faith open us to being able to see God in our midst. He never leaves us alone nor are we ever abandoned. This might come across as wishful thinking but in reality God is present in so many ways. Our families, relationships, challenges, accomplishments, struggles and joys provide ample opportunity to see God in the here & now.

- Fr. Dave

Thursday, July 16th - 9:30 AM to 7:00 PM
Friday, July 17th - 9:30 AM to 7:00 PM
Saturday, July 18th - 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Friday, July 10th thru Monday, July 13th
from 8 AM to 7 PM
Items to be donated may be brought
to the lower level of the Church

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 Invitation to Our 6th Annual
Evening at Grand River Cellars Winery
Friday, July 10th from 6:30 to 11 PM

Dinner * Wine * Fun * Socialize

Reservations & Payment Required in Advance
$21 per person… due by Wednesday, July 8th
Registration available after all Masses
or call the Parish Office.

February 2015


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Parish Picnic

Sunday, August 23rd from 
11 AM to 5 PM

Mass at 11 AM in the
Kirtland Community Center

7900 Euclid Chardon Road 


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Divine Word 40th Anniversary

2016 Trip
with Father Dave to ROME
and more!
September 10-19, 2016