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When the pope walked out onto the balcony of our U.S. Capitol on Thursday, September 24th at 11 AM, just after delivering a profound message to a joint session of Congress, I felt so proud to be a priest and a Catholic!
I was about three hundred feet away from him and could really feel the spirit of his message and his presence.
I only wish the Church could have more moments like this. I believe that Pope Francis’ visit to Washington, New York and Philadelphia will mark a turning point in our nation’s history. His humble, compassionate, pastoral style has touched a lot of people, many even outside the Catholic Church. Considering his age,
his incredible energy level was outstanding. I believe what makes Pope Francis the man he is would be a well developed and profound prayer life. As much as this visit was about the pope visiting us, I never once got the impression that the pope felt it was about him. He has a selfless demeanor that puts all people at ease. His relationship with God and his ability to integrate his many difficult experiences have all helped to make him the person he is.

Pope Francis is an excellent role model for the entire world. He does not place judgments quickly and he is willing to dialogue. He has this approachable way about himself. And he is far too generous with his time. His words are understandable, direct and challenging. We needed his presence in our country right at this time when many of our institutions seem to be divided and full of judgment. I am personally grateful to have had the chance to see him and hear many of his talks, and even more importantly to see how he treats all people. Pope Francis is truly a great gift, not only to our Church but to the entire world!

In today’s Gospel, Jesus is speaking directly about the beauty and power of marriage, the center of family life. The love between a husband and wife is not only a great witness, but it is also the foundation of the family. The greatest gift for children in any family is seeing the love that exists between their parents. It is this love that creates a sense of security and offers the children unlimited possibilities.

Here is the difficulty we see in our culture today… many marriages end for many reasons. When this occurs, hopefully the husband and wife can find the means necessary to end their marriage in a congenial way. A big problem with divorce is that marriages often end in a way that couples are unable to attain forgiveness and, if children are involved, the situation becomes even more difficult. People often think priests cannot understand, and to be honest, I don’t completely comprehend all the complexities of divorce.

However, this is what we do know. At the beginning of a marriage relationship, divorce is not something a husband and wife are seeking. Over time though a couple might fall away from one another, communicate ineffectively, and experience infidelity, abuse, neglect or careerism. The list just goes on and on. When a divorce occurs, a husband and wife have so much work to do just in raising their children. Children have to learn to make many adjustments and their lives are shaken, and everyone can experience a great deal of hurt. Is there anything that will keep us grounded in our relationships? Whether divorced, married, single, widowed or ordained, the answer is a sound prayer life. Unfortunately, this part of our lives is often neglected and yet it can help people in so many situations. Prayer cannot change a person or a situation but it certainly will help to guide us through any difficult experiences in our lives!

- Fr. Dave

Catholics Coming Home

An Open Door for Returning Catholics
Catholics Coming Home is a nonjudgmental program offered here
at Divine Word. It is designed to reach out and invite inactive
and non-practicing Catholics to return "home" and re-activate their faith

Six weekly sessions will provide updated information
on the basics of Catholicism in a
supportive atmosphere.
These sessions will be held in the Divine Word rectory on Tuesdays beginning
October 6th through November 10th
from 7 to 8:30 PM

Session Topics
Welcome/Overview/Faith Sharing

Sharing Stories of Faith

The Church Today/
Changes since Vatican II/Marriage/Annulment

The Mass


The Creed

For more information or questions
please call Deacon Carl Varga at 440-256-1412


Reverse Raffle

Friday, November 13th
from 6 PM to Midnight

at St. Noel Banquet Center
in Willoughby Hills

For Tickets Please Contact:
Chris Andonian… 440-256-3949
Nick Fatica…         440-974-8113
John Grazia…       440-256-0338
Gloria Ianetta…     440-256-9817
Stan Krulc…          440-477-3054
Dan Laux…           440-256-2699
John Lesnick...     440-256-0622
Ken Marvar...        440-479-4708
Olivia Ockuly…     440-256-1774
Mark Potosky…    440-256-9968
Mike Potosky…    440-256-1338
Kevin Potter…     440-429-0293
Parish Office...     440-256-1412 


Casino Day Trip
to Presque Isle, PA

Thursday, October 22nd
Price is $28…  you will receive $30 in Slot Money!!

Make checks payable to Divine Word OLG
Bus will leave at 9 AM (boarding begins at 8:45)
Return from Casino at 3:30 PM
(arrive Divine Word at 5 PM)

 For reservations please call Toni at 440-479-0401 or the Parish Office at 440-256-1412.


Reservations are due by Monday, October 12th!


February 2015


To view please click here!

Divine Word Clam Bake

Saturday, October 24th at 6:30 PM in Hanson Hall

Deadline for reservations is Monday, October 12th!

Please call to register or for more details:
Claire... 216-409-8686
Betty... 440-25602823
Parish Office... 440-256-1412

Take a look for more information!

Divine Word 40th Anniversary

2016 Trip
with Father Dave to ROME
and more!

September 10-19, 2016

Is R.C.I.A.
for You?
Wednesdays at 7 PM
in Hanson Hall

For those not baptized

For those baptized into another Christian denomination wishing to enter into full communion with the Catholic Church

For those baptized Catholics whose formation in the Catholic faith was never completed


of the Animals

October 4th
at 12:30 PM
in the
church parking lot.