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Our parish is located in the town of Kirtland, an eastern suburb of Cleveland.
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Always know that we are here to serve others and to celebrate the Lord in all He has given to us!

What a picture of Christ to leave us with at the conclusion of this Liturgical Year! One that we might want to ponder on this feast of Christ the King. Jesus stands before Pilate at His earthly judgment and talks about being a king. First of all, the kingdom He talks about is not of this world and this is why nobody fights to keep Him from any punishment. No one knows exactly what kingdom Jesus is talking about; however, His purpose on earth is to testify to the truth of who He is and what He is about. This is the truth we look for in our own lives and we try to live within that truth.

The struggle for us is to see Jesus’ life as the correct way to live. His truth is not only about the law but how Jesus embraced that law and shows us how to live it out. His life is never about Himself… he always lives for others. What makes Him so incredible is that He never stops doing this, not even as He makes His way to the cross. He will give his best for the sake of others with the hope that somehow we will emulate His life here on earth. Jesus seems hesitant to proclaim Himself as a king, but the Church has no doubt He is our King!

When we take a look at everything that has gone into Jesus’ life and then try to offer some type of worship and praise, does it not always stop short of a full explanation? Our liturgy calls us to deliberately and clearly express who we are before God. If Christ is King of our lives should we not take time to publically praise Him in a way that is respectful and meaningful? Here is the challenge. Our lives are busy and we often are under time constraints or have to stretch ourselves just to be able to find time to pray. If we want our liturgy (public prayer) to be more meaningful, I would guess we need to spend some time in private prayer each day to find ways that would help us better concentrate at Mass and engage ourselves in a more meaningful way. Each of us makes our own choice as to how we will approach our prayer and worship but we might find some truth in what Jesus proclaimed in His own life that will in turn affect our lives in all aspects.

- Fr. Dave

P.S. Give thanks to the Lord at Mass this Thanksgiving!
Please join us Thursday, November 26th at 9 AM!!

Our Lady's Guild 
Raffle Prizes

Basket!   Bag!   Bowl!
Drawing Sunday, December 13th

Main Prize Basket ($650+) includes: overnight stay for 2 at The Red Maple Inn on Burton Square, a beautiful handcrafted twin-size quilt, gift certificates from various Burton establishments & more!

Second Prize ($250) includes: beautiful handcrafted/quilted Bag with 3 bottles
of fine wine & accessories for
a great wine evening PLUS an
All Around the Town Dining Book!

  Third Prize includes a bountiful Bowl filled with several gourmet items
from Abolition Bakery!

Fourth Prize is a blissful 2-3 pound
White House solid milk chocolate bar made in Middlefield!

See display items in Gathering Area 
Tickets are available
there or the Parish Office!

What's Cooking at
Divine Word!
We're creating a Divine Word 40th Anniversary Cookbook and since you are all fabulous chefs, we want to
immortalize you in print!

Three ways to submit your recipes...
1.  You can write your recipes down or photocopy them and leave them on the organ bench in church.
2.  Go online to www.typensave.com
Username: DivineWordCooks  Password: onion 140
3.  Email recipes to BHarper@divinewordkirtland.org

Give us recipes of a relative (be sure to include their name) and then buy a cookbook for them as a gift. We can even print an "In Memoriam" recipe.  

We want this to be a wonderful cookbook filled
with at least 250 recipes.

 Our deadline will be
when we achieve our goal!


November 2015


To view please click here!

Time to Think About Christmas!

We have begun the process of organizing the annual

Christmas Project

If you know someone
in need of special care
this Christmas
please contact Father Dave
or Adam Lesko know.

Such conversations will be confidential but we need YOUR help in identifying those in need.

Take a look for more information!

Divine Word 40th Anniversary

2016 Trip
with Father Dave to ROME
and more!

September 10-19, 2016

Urgent Prayer Group Holy Hour
Monday, November 30th from 7 to 8 PM in church

Every parishioner is invited as we welcome Advent, the coming
of our Lord...
Let's fill the church
for Jesus!

St. Vincent de Paul Thanksgiving Food Collection

We invite you to join us in Hanson Hall
following 11 Am Mass on Sunday, November 22nd to help pack and deliver Thanksgiving Food Baskets... a truly rewarding experience that only takes about
an hour!
What an extraordinary way to show compassion for your neighbor!
Food will continue to be collected through Sunday, November 22nd
at Noon!