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This Week's Message from
Father Dave...

Conversion of heart allows Jesus Christ to do His work within us. He gives us the determination to make our “Yes” mean “Yes” and our “No” mean “No.” As it is portrayed in today’s Gospel, the human heart  is conflicted. The first son initially says, “No” to his father, but then later responds with a resounding “Yes.” The conversion of the human heart takes deep spiritual work. A life given to Jesus Christ is the greatest gift we can give and the greatest gift we can receive. It cannot be done without the power of Christ in our life. Our seeking what is right, just and virtuous is the formula for a hardened heart to take on the heart of Christ. By our abandoning those things in life that we seek through our own selfishness, we are brought closer to the heart of Christ!


Jesus has the fortitude to direct His words at the chief priests and elders since they refused to listen to John the Baptist when he came preaching his words of repentance and returning to the Lord. Jesus certainly caused more tension in the minds of the leaders of the people when He pointed out that tax collectors and prostitutes listened to John and then changed their behavior. Conversion is never easy. It is guided by the formation that we seek as our deepest and strongest self tries to defeat that which is found within us that is false to the self.

          Father Dave


Catholics Coming Home
An Open Door for Returning Catholics

Catholics Coming Home is a nonjudgmental program offered here
at Divine Word. It is designed to reach out and invite
inactive and non-practicing Catholics
to return "home" and re-activiate their faith.

Seven weekly sessions will provide updated information on the basics of Catholicism in a supportive atmosphere.
these sessions will be held in the rectory on Tuesdays beginning October 14th through November 25th from 7 to 8:30 PM.

Session Topics
Sharing Stories
The Church Today/Changes since Vatican II
The Mass
The Creed

For more information or questions,
please call Deacon Carl Varga at 440-256-1412

March 2014


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As a top Cleveland 
tourist destination, 
we will be taking in the sites during a guided walking tour
of Lake View Cemetery

Fall Walking Tour!!! 

September 27th from
9:30 AM to 2 PM

Cost for the guided tour
is $5 per person

Tour will conclude at 12:30 followed by lunch
in the nearby Coventry area
(lunch is optional and
at your own expense)

For questions and to sign up
call the Parish Office