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We are a vibrant community of all ages, with parishioners from various backgrounds.
Our parish is located in the town of Kirtland, an eastern suburb of Cleveland.
As you browse through our website, we hope
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Always know that we are here to serve others and to celebrate the Lord in all He has given to us!

It did not take us long to get here... I mean from Christmas to the beginning of Lent! It was a short period of time and now a major shift in our liturgical and spiritual thinking. I cannot think of a better Gospel story to get us ready for this time of the liturgical year. Jesus directs these professional fishermen to such an abundant catch of fish that the astonishment of the experience seized them all. After a terrible day and night of not catching fish, these very good fishermen were grasped by the wonderment of the moment that this man was able to help them. This is so like Jesus... He takes what we do best and makes us even better!

So here is the preliminary preparation for Lent. Can we allow Jesus to seize us in those areas of life that we are not only good at but also the areas of life where we are deficient? Maybe this reading calls us to seek being better at fasting, not just from food, but in other areas of our life where we need to eliminate something to provide more room for God. Here is the “catch.” Jesus’ instructions on how to catch fish leads these men to put everything behind them and to follow Jesus from that day forward. Can you possibly imagine Jesus helping us for forty days and nights to become better at praying, fasting, loving, healing, serving and saving? Could this give us a better reason to follow Him who directs us in so many ways?

As we exit this short lived time that we call “Ordinary,” we come to realize how extraordinary Jesus actually was at the start of His public ministry. His calling of the disciples is a prominent moment for us to reflect upon because it could be the catalyst of how we will enter and endure our own Lenten practice and prayer. I hope to see you on Wednesday when we will distribute ASHES DURING MASS at 8:30 AM and again at 7 PM. Come with a game plan for how you can best begin and endure throughout the season of Lent!

- Fr. Dave

Bereavement Support Series!

Tuesdays from 6:30 to 8 PM

February 9th, 16th & 23rd
and March 1st

Can't make all the sessions?
Then come when you are able!

To help you work through the stages of grief and
find ways to continue on!

For more details or to register please call Debbie at 440-256-1412

For information about becoming involved
in this ministry & a part of the team please call Debbie.


What's Cooking at
Divine Word!
We're creating a Divine Word 40th Anniversary Cookbook and since you are all fabulous chefs, we want to
immortalize you in print!

Three ways to submit your recipes...
1.  You can write your recipes down or photocopy them and leave them on the organ bench in church.
2.  Go online to www.typensave.com
Username: DivineWordCooks  Password: onion 140
3.  Email recipes to BHarper@divinewordkirtland.org

Give us recipes of a relative (be sure to include their name) and then buy a cookbook for them as a gift. We can even print an "In Memoriam" recipe.  

We want this to be a wonderful cookbook filled
with at least 250 recipes.

 Our deadline will be
when we achieve our goal!

Saturday, February 20th

Please call Parish Office at 440-256-1412 for more details!

November 2015


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Catholic Charities Annual Appeal

Many of you have already received a letter from Bishop Lennon inviting you to contribute to the 2016 Catholic Charities Appeal.
I am grateful for your generosity and your ongoing commitment to this appeal which helps so many people in Northeastern Ohio. If you have not yet had a chance to respond to the letter, I would ask that you do so as soon as you are able.

We will conduct our annual Catholic Charities Appeal on the weekend of February 6/7. This will provide an opportunity for those who have not received the letter or who are new to this appeal to make a contribution. In the meantime, I encourage you to visit the Catholic Charities website at www.ccdocle.org and view a short video about Catholic Charities and the services it provides. I also invite you to pass this message on to others so that they might be able to read about and experience the good work that all of us are engaged in within the life and ministry of the Church!

Father Dave

Take a look for more information!

Divine Word 40th Anniversary

2016 Trip
with Father Dave to ROME
and more!
September 10-19, 2016

Ash Wednesday

February 10th

Including Distribution
of Ashes
8:30 AM & 7 PM