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This Week's Message from
Father Dave...

Holy Week is upon us! Today we experience the enthusiasm of the people of Jerusalem as Jesus triumphantly enters into the city. We are quickly reminded in the introduction to this week’s Liturgy that we are also partakers of the Cross and will share in the Resurrection. The very first words of Holy Week are a reminder that this is not simply recalling history but rather an invitation and challenge to participate in the Mystery!

Tuesday evening the priests of the Diocese will gather with Bishop Lennon to celebrate the Chrism Mass at the Cathedral. At this time the Bishop will bless the sacred oils that we use throughout the year as a sign of the sacramental presence of Jesus Christ. This Mass also calls each priest to renew the vows that we made as ordained ministers.

Thursday evening we will celebrate the Mass of the Lord’s Supper, connecting the washing of feet with the celebration of the Eucharist. It is in the context of this liturgy that priesthood, Eucharist and fraternal charity are expressed by word and deed. From the beginning of the liturgy the tabernacle is empty and at the conclusion our altar and sanctuary will be stripped bare. At the end of our celebration, the Eucharist will then be taken in procession to another place in order to allow people to remain in prayer for an additional period of time that evening. For the next two days the Eucharist will be held in reserve in another location. The church itself is now left stark and bare... all of this is done in preparation for Good Friday.

On Friday we will celebrate the Passion of the Lord at 3 PM. Upon entering the church that day you will notice that the sanctuary is empty and that there is no cross. At the beginning of our solemn service the priest and ministers will come into the sanctuary and lay flat on the ground in prostration. We will then hear the proclamation of the Passion from John’s Gospel. After the Liturgy of the Word, a large Cross will be carried to the sanctuary and everyone will come forward to venerate it. This is one of the most moving moments of any of our liturgical celebrations throughout the year because by our veneration, we acknowledge and embrace the saving action of Jesus on the Cross.

Our Easter Vigil will begin at 9 PM and is filled with so many powerful symbols… fire...processing the Paschal Candle into a darkened church... the Easter Proclamation... Baptism… Confirmation… water… sacred oil… white albs… taper candles… antiphons… incense… prayer… and song. All this is to convey what words have a difficult time explaining… the Paschal Mystery of Jesus Christ.

Once again, it is the mystery of Jesus Christ that calls us to a deeper engagement with these liturgical celebrations. Holy Week will provide a full sensory, intellectual and heartfelt engagement on the part of those who are here to participate. I hope and pray that your experience of Holy Week this year will lead you to a new insight into the mystery of Jesus Christ.

A week from this Sunday is Easter! As in previous years, when you look back on Lent it will have come and gone with the speed of light! Hold on to what you have learned and allow the mystery of Jesus Christ to continue to renew your life and your faith.


  Father Dave


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